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We are a small family business, but with highly personalized tours and private transportation services, in business since 1996.

Natives of San Miguel, we will be happy to assemble a tailor made trip, by connecting you with our history, people and culture.


I was born and raised in San Miguel allende in a very traditional family, I had the fortune to meet the best teacher of history in my childhood who taught me to love my country, that's how I woke up to a great passion for history and thanks to the confidence that my father and mother gave me to believe in me and to always do my best.

I began to dream that I could share with people who visited us, our traditions, the beauty of their architecture and the most important the great cultural wealth we have, was as well as in 1996 began this great adventure that continues after 21 years.

My tours are mainly in the heart of México, in the states of Guanajuato, Querétaro and Michoacán. We work with any group size, from a solo traveler, upwards. For people who are collectors of folk art, interior designers, photographers or those who are fascinated with history, looking to have the most memorable experience!!

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